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  • It’s been two years since Indpro started working with content marketing, and begun a cooperation with consultant and writer Lisa Sunderraj Bjerre.

    Lisa, can you tell us what’s happened over these past two years?

    We’ve launched a new web site, increased our activity in social media and started working with marketing automation. We believe in sharing our knowledge, and let our communication create value for others – it’s what makes you a winner in the long run. So that’s something we will work even more with after the summer.

    What are you most proud of?

    Last year w...

  • Many Indian women face difficulties combining family and work. The result: a lot of women coders quit their jobs after having kids. At Indpro, we wanted to change this. Therefore, we have created a flexible personnel policy that enable mothers to return to work – and find that important balance between work and family.

    Devi Nagaraj is a skilled Dotnet-developer and had her first child a little over a year ago. When her baby was 2,5 months old she started working again – but from home. Her working hours have been adjusted to what suits her schedule – or rather, her child’s schedule.

  • When the annual developer summit happens in India’s Silicon Valley, we don’t just send a select few developers – we send’em all. Here’s our staff’s report from a few great days of tech inspiration and learning at GIDS Bangalore 2018!

    “When we are in GIDS, we are automatically getting the latest trends in technology. From this year, I got to know about functional programming instead of OOP. In all the topics, GIDS gives us the head start and after that we need to deep dive to learn more.” Suresh Kumar, developer

    Atul and Vikash wi...

  • Devi Nagaraja has worked with Indpro, in the same project, for almost six years now.

    “What I like best about Indpro is that you can talk to anyone in the company”, she says.

    As Indpro has a Swedish corporate culture with a flat organization, we are much less hierarchal than Indian or American companies usually are.

    “You can contact anyone in the company who knows the technology, and they will help. There is no hesitation, and that’s the best part of Indpro. It’s a friendly environment”, Devi says.

    During her time at Indpro, Devi has learnt a lot – not only in cod...

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