• Can you be a successful coder, AND a mom? Yes – at Indpro we make it happen

    Many Indian women face difficulties combining family and work. The result: a lot of women coders quit their jobs after having kids. At Indpro, we wanted to change this. Therefore, we have created a flexible personnel policy that enable mothers to return to work – and find that important balance between work and family.

    Devi Nagaraj is a skilled Dotnet-developer and had her first child a little over a year ago. When her baby was 2,5 months old she started working again – but from home. Her working hours have been adjusted to what suits her schedule – or rather, her child’s schedule.

    “I can work early in the morning, and in the day when my child is sleeping. My mother and my mother-in-law also come to help me take care”, she explains.


    Devi Nagaraja

    Devi Nagaraj, .Net developer.


    After a year of working from home, Devi has now started travelling to office three days per week. Now she is planning a move back to her native town, where her mother and mother-in-law both live, to make it easier for everyone.

    “I’ve been given the go ahead from management and I will be working entirely from home when I move”, Devi says.

    “Need to find find balance”

    Devi’s advice to mothers who want to get back to work is to try and find a balance between work and family life.

    “We have to take care of our children, but we also have to take care of our work. Neither can be reduced. It’s demanding, but we need to find a balance.”

    A recent change of laws in India allows women to take 26 weeks of paid maternal leave.  At Indpro, it’s possible to extend this leave for an additional two months.

    “When you return to work, you can start by working from home, and work part time if you wish”, says Deepika Mehrotra, HR manager at Indpro.

    “We use collaboration tools online such as Jira, Slack and Skype to make this possible”, she explains.

    Deepika Mehrotra, HR manager.


    “Women want a career just as men”

    Deepika has worked with HR at Indpro for seven years and she herself has utilized the flexibility to be able to take care of her daughter.

    “After my mother-in-law passed away 4 years ago, there was no one to take care of my daughter. I had two options: resign, or work according to the timings of my daughter. I start my day early and work until 3 o’clock. That way I can be there when my daughter is home from school.”

    As HR Manager, Deepika has noticed that women are increasingly attracted by the flexibility offered at Indpro – something quite unusual at Indian work places.

    “Women want to pursue their career just as men do. The only thing that stops them is when it comes to choosing between family and career. There should be a balance in life, so that there is room not only for family, but also for your passion for work”, Deepika says.

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